Awesome Technologies follows the path of responsible innovation. We consistently rely on human-centered co-innovation. In this way, we create solutions for challenging markets together with our customers. Adapted scaling strategies make these usable.
We see various strengths in this approach to deal with trends in our time and society. The values of Awesome Technologies’ corporate culture are transferred to customer contact. Only together and with different competencies and perspectives can we use digitization to the advantage of all stakeholders.

Digitization brings change

To use this change positively, can only be achieved together

What is Responsible Co-Innovation?

It comprises Co-Design with Co-Creation and Responsible Innovation.

The concept of Co-Design from the field of design engineering, as well as the approach of Co-Creation from the field of management, both stand for an active involvement of the customer in design processes.

Responsible Innovation stands for research and development practices that take into account direct and potential impacts on the environment and society. The term is used in the European Union’s framework programs to describe scientific research and technology development processes. The approach involves an analysis of all the viewpoints involved, especially with regard to members affected by the innovation.

With the concept of Responsible Co-Innovation, we ensure that innovations find their way to practical application, in the context of social, ethical, sustainable and economic aspects.

What does that look like in concrete terms?

What fears arise from digitalization?
In our projects we deal with:

  • Does telemedicine alienate physicians and their patients from each other?
  • Is there a threat of job losses due to the use of robots?
  • What are the fears about the use of artificial intelligence?

We involve our partners and adapt to their needs. In this way, we create a positive solution scenario:

  • Die Telemedizin entlastet Pfleger und Ärzte bei der Verwaltungund und stärkt die zwischenmenschlichen Kommunikation
  • Durch Effizienzsteigerung und dem Erhalt der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit bleiben Arbeitsplätze sicher

Our approach


Here you can see selected projects from our area
Responsible Co-Innovation: