Kollaborative Roboter

Collaborative robots are a major trend in production automation

  • Higher standardization increases product quality 
  • Cobots work precise and consistent, thereby avoiding post-processing.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by eliminating monotonous activities and by upgrading the workplace!
  • Benefit from the easy programmability and quick installation of cobots!
  • Deploy cobots flexibly! Cobots are also quickly prepared for temporary use.
  • Increase your productivity by reduced downtimes and handover times as well as increased quantities!
  • Save personnel costs!
  • Save energy costs!

To gain general knowledge about cobots, read our whitepaper:

In this study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization (IAO) you can also read about the first experiences companies have made with the use of lightweight robots:

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The use of cobots is also becoming more and more attractive for small and medium-sized companies. On the one hand, there is a constant need to increase efficiency; on the other hand, new generations of cobots offer drastically increased security and significantly simplified programming.

A cobot can perform particularly simple, repetitive work. This makes it possible to relieve the trained staff. The investment in personnel costs can flow profitably into the implementation of complex activities, in which human employees will be indispensable also in the future.

A new feature in recent years is the possibility of variable configuration. This means, that the acquisition of collaborative robots is not only interesting for large batch sizes. The advance of computer science in the field of cobots has significantly expanded the variability and expanded the state of research, for example with regard to the processing of natural materials.

Ingenieur nutzt AR um Industrieroboter zu steuern

How can we help you regarding this subject?

We offer comprehensive advice on everything regarding cobots, and develop your individual approach. By using cobots, you can make better use of human resources, leading to a direct financial benefit. Due to the rapid development in the last few years, there are various types of robots for a wide variety of applications and activities. We know what kind of robot your company needs. We stand out from the old generation of robotics integrators with our focus on dynamics and adaptability. We can support you with our IT knowledge to make your everyday life as flexible as possible. Particularly for medium-sized companies, we want to make it easier to get started with robotics and thus actively support progress in the field of Industry 4.0. Benefit from our knowledge about market studies for price calculation. Preparing specific data files for your needs, acquisition, and operational implementation: we will be competently support every step of the way. Setting up the machines for a single, specific use case is not enough for us. You will receive the specific knowledge to be able to make adjustments to your cobot yourself on site. We are happy to accompany you from the analysis through the first test runs and evaluations to successful growth!

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