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Your partner in digitization

Digitization is full of opportunities and challenges. It brings changes in everyday life, in work processes, everywhere. Changes can also hurt, old familiar things are lost and that can lead to frustration. Awesome Technologies symbolizes our basic attitude, a natural enthusiasm for new topics, innovations and our “can-do spirit” of not giving up. We want to bring this enthusiasm to you, your employees and your customers to make the journey easier and overcome the challenges together.

With Awesome Technologies, you can venture into the adventure of “new technologies” prepared and structured. Awesome Technologies meets its customers at eye level. Together, we develop solutions that fit you exactly.

Awesome Technologies follows a path of responsible innovation and consequently relies on human-centered co-innovation to create solutions in challenging markets together with its customers, which are made usable by means of adapted scaling strategies. In this approach we see various strengths to deal with trends of our time and in our society. The values of the corporate culture of Awesome Technologies are transferred to the customer contact. Only together and with different competencies and perspectives can we use digitalization to everyone’s advantage.

As a decision-maker in industries that have been little digitized up to now, you are confronted with a large number of innovations. You want to assess these before you make a purchasing decision, taking into account the developments of the next few years in the technology sector. We are familiar with this situation from many discussions with our previous customers and know that this inhibits the integration and use of innovations.

Awesome Technologies is your trustworthy partner here, who not only develops and implements suitable solutions for the moment itself. We also keep an eye on new technology developments as a stable pole of tranquility for our customers. We are able to assess them and take them into account in every implementation.

We rely on open source technologies. We only develop what is not yet available in this form in order to avoid inefficient and resource-binding duplications. In times of ever shorter product life cycles, we consider this to be the right approach to secure long-term growth.

Responsible Co-Innovation

Responsibly and in a collaborative approach, technologies become innovations in applications that make sense to you.

Individual roadmap

In an agile process and with methods of Human Centered Design, you will sustainably master digitization and involve all stakeholders.

Cross-Boarder Innovation

The combination of know-how from a wide range of industries and the competencies of our cross-functional team opens up new opportunities.


Our close ties to science guarantee that you can make future-proof decisions and use resources wisely.

Showcases & References

Isolated thinking in sectors prevents innovations. We work with our customers and partners on solutions that bring technologies and know-how from different areas into applications in a meaningful way. You can find an excerpt of our activities here:

News & Whitepaper

What’s going on with us? Follow our latest news or learn useful things about digitization and New Work in our whitepapers.


Digitization in Healthcare

Our goal is to exploit the opportunities of digitization for healthcare. A large number of players, complex processes, and high demands on data security and quality are of a challenging nature in healthcare. We operate here with a broad portfolio of products and services around our AMP brand.


Industry 4.0

We offer individual solutions for cyber-physical systems (CPS). By CPS we understand a collection of software, mechanical and electronic parts that communicate via a network. With our interdisciplinary team we can produce the overall view of computer science, electronics and mechanics and find new solutions.


Your partner for an intelligent IT infrastructure

The quality of your company’s networking, the effective use of your IT infrastructure, and the versatility of your communication options are key challenges when it comes to staying one step ahead in today’s IT society.