Prof. Dr. Doris Aschenbrenner

Doris holds a PhD in computer science with a focus on robotics and is our expert for augmented & mixed reality, usability and location-based services.

Dr. Michael Albert

Michael holds a PhD in computer science and is our expert in intelligent control of systems, knowledge processing, usability and has many years of experience in telemedicine.

Christoph Günther

Christoph, with his Master in International Management and many years of experience as a project manager in multi-national digital transformation projects, is our expert for digitalization projects in marketing & sales.

Dr. Cornelia Kolb

Cornelia is our expert for planning and realizing innovative projects at the interface between product and market development.

Manuel Stahl

Manuel holds a degree in computer science and is our expert for the hardware and software platforms for mobile robots and embedded systems.

Anja Thomas

Anja is a graduate biologist and takes care of the smooth running of our internal organization, our quality management, and the maintenance of our contacts.

Michael Bleier

Michael holds a degree in mechatronics engineering and is our expert for complex sensor processing systems, computer vision and electronics development.

Michael Rojkov

Michael has a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and is our expert for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications.

Daniel Ukidve

Daniel holds a degree in industrial engineering and specializes in finance and controlling in the area of SAP software solutions.

Sandra Graf

Sandra has a degree in interior design and is responsible for project management and coordination.

Marco Festini

Marco is a computer scientist and our expert for user interface, user experience design and mobile development (iOS & Android).

Markus Hoffmann

Markus holds a Master of Science in Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering and specializes in the development of electronic components.

Christian Wolz

Christian is a computer scientist, works for us as a system administrator and advises on technical issues.

Tanja Altgaßen

Tanja has a bachelor’s degree in education with a focus on adult education. She supports our team with the topics PeopleOps and Marketing.

Sven Kunze

Sven studies aerospace informatics and complements our development team with his knowledge in AR/VR and Unity.

Elisabeth Straß

Elisabeth studies interaction design and brings her knowledge in the field of user interface/user experience to our development team.

Rebekka Bärthele

Rebekka studies geovisualization and complements our team in development, especially in the area of AR/VR.

Daniel Hütter

As an IT specialist, Daniel took over the management of Kiwango IT GmbH in 2015 and is responsible for data protection at our company.

Racine Hütter

Racine is originally an occupational therapist and is studying social media management to expertly manage our social media presence.

Ute Rosendahl

Ute is an advertising saleswoman and, in addition to administrative duties in the secretariat at Kiwango, also deals with data protection issues.

Thomas Haas

Thomas is an IT specialist for system integration and supports our customers as an IT consultant.

Maik Redlich

Maik is an IT specialist for system integration and strengthens our consulting team in consulting and support.

Rafael Zimny

Rafael also supports us as an IT specialist for system integration in the support of our customers.