Caritas Messenger

The secure messenger for the healthcare industry

Specially adapted design for Caritas institutions

Secure and data protection-compliant data transmission

Federation: Networking with other institutions

Billable video consultation

Graduated authorization and role concept

Central user administration in a locked system

Connection to existing systems for an integrated workflow

Platform independence (iOS, Android, web) even with private smartphones

Caritas Messenger

The secure messenger for Caritas institutions

We rely on OPEN SOURCE

Because we are not afraid to show how we work!

With our Caritas Messenger, we follow the TI standards and are aiming for certification as a TI Messenger.


Security is important to you and to us. We are therefore constantly working on state-of-the-art technologies to protect your data.

Feel free to ask us!

Central user administration

Thanks to the closed system of central user administration and the pseudonymization of users, you can determine who receives which information in your organization at any time and assign and delete authorizations directly when employees join or leave the company.

Authorization concepts

A graduated authorization concept (write, read, create groups…) enables communication within individual workgroups as well as between them (federation). External users (customers or service providers) can also receive authorizations as required.

Can also be used on private devices

The Messenger is suitable for use on private devices, as all data remains in the app. Whether pictures or documents, nothing can get out. Images and videos are delimited and can only be used within the app.

Made in Germany

The servers are developed and hosted in Germany and are therefore subject to all legal requirements for data protection and data security. Installation and support are provided by Awesome Technologies.

Our solution is already widely used

As a Caritas institution, you too can now use your own Messenger.

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Certified data protection

Highest standards of data protection and security certified according to Internet privacy standards.