The TI-Messenger

The Telematics Infrastructure Messenger (short: TI-Messenger, TI-M) is a secure messaging system that has been specially developed for the healthcare sector. The TI-Messenger is part of the telematics infrastructure and fulfills all legal requirements for German data protection and data security. TI-M offers end-to-end encryption and guarantees that messages can only be read by authorized persons, which should be a basic requirement for all electronic communication, especially when dealing with highly sensitive data in the healthcare sector. This ensures fast and effective communication between medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and care staff.

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Matrix Messengerdienst

When will the TI Messenger be available?

Gematik has published the specification for the future TI Messenger. The roadmap was defined as follows:

Simple, cross-sector ad-hoc communication between the healthcare professions:
Go live from Q1/2024: TI Messenger 1.1.
Secure chat communication between healthcare professionals, across providers and sectors

Communication between healthcare professionals and insured persons as well as exchange between insured persons and health insurers:
Go live from Q2/2023: TI Messenger 2.0.
Chat communication with insured persons, can be controlled exclusively by healthcare professionals; communication between insured persons and health insurance funds

Exchange via video chat and video consultation as well as teleconsultations:
TI Messenger 3.0.
Video chat and VoIP communication

TI Messenger: Security and interoperability

The TI-Messenger is a system that was specially developed for the secure exchange of medical data between doctors and other service providers as part of the telematics infrastructure (TI).

Thanks to end-to-end encryption, the TI Messenger meets the highest possible security standard currently available and can therefore guarantee the protection of all sensitive data. In addition, established standards such as the HL7 FHIR standard are used to ensure interoperability and data exchange between different systems.

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Matrix-based messenger: What does that mean?

The TI-Messenger is based on the Matrix protocol, an open and standardized communication technology that can also be used by other applications.

Matrix will be made a requirement for all future TI messengers. This open source protocol promises security and interoperability and offers the highest possible end-to-end encryption currently available. This means that data protection and data security can be guaranteed for all patient data.

The advantages of introducing the matrix protocol are

  • Interoperability – and therefore cross-sector and cross-provider exchange,
  • Integrity thanks to a high level of out-of-the-box security,
  • end-to-end encryption and
  • Innovation through continuous further development of the matrix protocol and the TI-Messenger

Our product has been under development since 2018. Right from the start, data protection and data security were at the top of our list of priorities, which is why we took data protection into account from the very beginning. complies with both the required interoperability standard HL7 FHIR and the required open communication protocol Matrix.

We are developing the TI-Messenger and will go for approval as soon as possible. We want to provide a secure TI Messenger for everyone involved in the German healthcare sector.