Awesome Technologies aims to enable employees to translate their enthusiasm for and knowledge of new technologies into meaningful applications, and then into scaling. In doing so, we follow the path of responsible innovation.
The cross-functional team of computer scientists, engineers and business managers brings diverse perspectives to the human-centered co-innovation approach. The values of Awesome Technologies’ corporate culture are applied to customer contact. Only together and with different competencies and perspectives can we use digitalization to everyone’s advantage.


Als Entscheider in bisher wenig digitalisierten Branchen stehen Sie einer Vielzahl an Innovationen gegenüber. Bevor Sie eine Kaufentscheidung treffen, möchten Sie diese beurteilen können. Die Entwicklungen der nächsten Jahre im Technologiebereich spielen dabei ebenfalls eine große Rolle. Wir kennen diese Situation aus vielen Gesprächen mit unseren bisherigen Kunden und wissen, dass dies die Integration und Nutzung von Innovationen hemmt.

Awesome Technologies is your trusted partner here, developing and implementing suitable solutions for the moment itself. As your stable haven of tranquility, we keep an eye on new technology developments for our customers, can assess them and take them into account in every implementation.

We rely on open source technologies. We only develop what is not yet available in this form. In this way, we avoid inefficient and resource-binding duplications. In times of ever shorter product life cycles, we believe this is the right approach to ensure long-term growth.


The Awesome Group comprises